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A Money Leap

September 10th, 2007 at 02:10 pm

I was able to pay 1200.00 toward CC2 this past week since I got my deposit back from our rental house. So our total debt is down a little over 1600.00 since last month. We set a new goal to pay off CC2 by next July. I'm hoping to do it sooner, but I want to be realistic.

I've done several things this past week to help our money situation. I got a $25 sign on bonus at ING savings. I'll use that account to accrue money to pay my son's college tuition bill next August (he is 4 yrs old and has the prepaid college tuition). I also spent time putting some clothes on Craigslist, signed up for a focus group, at e-rewards, and American Consumer Opinion. I'm considering offering services to high school or college students who need editing work and even considering babysitting during the weeknights.

My husband seems a little more positive about paying off the debt as I think he might be starting to see that there's only one way out of this debt misery...PAY IT OFF!!

2 Responses to “A Money Leap”

  1. Aleta Says:

    Congratulations! You are aggessively going after your debt and seem to be staying very focused. Good job.

  2. reflectionite Says:

    its good that your hubby is seeing the light, so to speak. i know how frustrating it is to not have your partner in the same frugal-mindedness. it kind of feels like you're doing it all on your own. congrats!

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