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Walgreens Coupon

January 30th, 2008 at 05:21 pm

I just got a $5 off a $20 purchase coupon in my inbox for Walgreens good only on Jan. 31. Sounds like a good time to get free after rebate items! YEAH! I LOVE saving money!

Still no decision on the rolex. I can't even begin to describe how embarrassed I am that I'm writing that someone in my family is even considering purchasing this. We are not rolex people! Our combined income is slightly less than $100,00 a year...we have debt...and virtually no EF. Don't even ask about retirement!

3 Responses to “Walgreens Coupon”

  1. scfr Says:

    I had completely missed your entry on the Rolex; had to go back and read your last entry.

    Have you asked him WHY he wants the Rolex? [Resisting the urge to ask "Why the %&' do you want #@* Rolex?" and asking very sweetly.] Perhaps his want/need/desire could be fulfilled some other (much, much, much less expensive) way?

    Or, maybe you could get him to call Suze Orman and ask her on her "Can I Afford This?" segment, so that she can tell him: DENIED!

  2. db1974 Says:

    scfr - I'm sure it's some status thing. To his credit, it's something he has ALWAYS wanted (since a teen). That, however, doesn't make it a wise purchase.

    I've asked him if he could predict when the day will come that he can finally stop associating material things with success. In every other regard, he seems to know and support this notion.

  3. Shony Says:

    Hello debt fighters,

    I declared war on debt years ago once I got a taste of being in it. I was probably destined to battle debt as I am naturally a bit of a control freak, and by that I mean being in control of my cash, which of course you need to have some of your own, as control is one thing you do not have over cash that you owe to others.

    And so between my need to be organized and debt free and in control over my hard earned cash, over the years I developed my own ways and little tools to help me keep track of my finances. One tool stood the test of time and really helped me carry myself to the better place that I am now in life. It was a simple Excel budgeting sheet. Every aspect of my financial picture was in that Excel sheet, and it worked and still works wonders for me, because I know about every penny that I have coming in and going out, and oh how easy it is to steer away from all kinds of pitfalls such as spending more than I can afford.

    Last year I got inspired to apply my web design passion and skills to this project of building a web site and a free online utility to allow anyone in the world with web access to use the same good personal budgeting tool that I used for years, free for all. The result is the "Out Of The Dark" web site that I launched 2 months ago.

    I had no idea how successful it would be, but judging by the number of users who found it already and started their own personal budgets there, it must be working well for others out there. What a wonderful feeling to know that something you designed and built is useful for others.

    The Out Of The Dark site can be found at:


    Happy budgeting and let me know how I can improve it,

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